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Design is popular.

SHAPES add a playful yet simple uniqueness to the traditional nordic design through understated, yet edgy details, providing a lighting range that is

adaptable to any environment, lasting beyond the trends of today. German manufacturing ensures precision and quality, adding the final touch of

perfection - playfully simple.


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Light inside

the room

Every combination is special. The costumer designs his lamp himself: from the quality of the shade's surface all the way to the color of the textile cord for the cable. You can even select the painting for inside the lampshade. The varicolored ceiling canopies are magnetic, so the beauty of the lamp is absolute. We know that every costumer of ours has their own taste and that’s why we make it possible for you to fulfill your individual desires and express your personality with SUMMERA. The fascinating designs are eye-catchers in every ambiance.






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SUMMERA unites aesthetic and technology. SUMMERA ist the incarnation of fascinating nordic minimalism - based on our slogan: inspired by Scandinavia, Made in Germany! The pendant luminaire sums up the european design culture – playfully simple: clear shapes, bright colors, uncomplicated functions.





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Light is

The elegant design of the Northern Lights

The Shapes Summera is a pendant lamp, which is available in 3 Sizes and numerous combinations. Since 12 different shade combinations can be combined with 10 combinations of canopy and cable, an almost infinite number of selection possibilities results. Everyone can choose its own individual light.


Most of the light is radiated directly downwards, only a small part of the light is emitted upwards through the screen, which is opened at the top. The canopy can be easily mounted on the ceiling using magnets. The well known design team Phoenix Design created the lamp in collaboration with SHAPES in 2016. The light already received the German Design Award 2017 as an award.



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